Leading Forklift Training in Line With Industry Standards

We are giving you a chance to learn from industry leading experts in forklift training. Our instructors have a combined experienced of decades long and know how to deal with individual or group trainees. Your safety is our first priority. Do you know that there are hundreds of forklift accidents in the UK due to untrained staff? We have our forklift training in line with the safety standards set by the authorities.

Full forklift certification courses

When we promise, we deliver. The details that you will find in out forklift training are no match. Usually institutes just tell you the basics and hand over the certificate. Not only is that dangerous for the people around but it is also extremely dangerous for you too. We believe in extensive knowledge.

0% interest rate funding option

We believe in providing something extra to each of our student. It is a token of love and appreciation from our end. If you are low on funds and are unable to enrol in our forklift training, there is no need to worry. We are offering our students an option with which they can start training and repay without any interest once they are done.

Supplementary forklift training

This training suits forklift operators who are already working with one forklift and want to enhance their prospects of being able to handle another kind of forklift.

Individual & group forklift training

We always recommend which forklift training you should go for after analysing your learning abilities and potential. We are constantly tailoring our trainings according to your requirements. We don’t waste time on things that do not imply on you and are of no use to you. Whether you are in a group or an individual, you will get undivided attention from our skilled instructors.

Refresher forklift training

Companies across the country require their employees who operate industrial forklifts to undergo refresher forklift training to ensure workplace safety. It usually happens annually so everyone at work stays out of danger.

Types of forklifts we train for

Counterbalance Truck

The most common type of forklift found in the UK is a counterbalance truck. Amazing at balancing the load and used for warehouses.

Reach Truck

This is a compact sort of a forklift. It’s great for smaller spaces. It only moves further once the load has been secured in place.

Forklift Operator Training