PCV driver training, your ticket to success

Have you ever considered a career in bus driving? If you haven’t, it’s about time that you think about it. We are offering PCV bus driver training for coach, minibus and bus. Our industry leading training program is responsible for creating so many skilled drivers all across the country. Transport companies are short on skilled drivers these days. This is a golden time for you to undergo our PCV bus driver training in order to seek a beneficial career with a lifetime security.

Basic eligibility requirements

You don’t need to hold formal educational degrees to be able to pursue this career. With a few easy requirements, you will be all set to continue on the road to success.

Age Limit

You need to be at least 18 years of age or above in order to enrol in our PCV bus driver training. If you want to drive a coach the age limit to enrol is minimum 21 years.


You cannot enrol in our PCV bus driver training if you have any mental or physical disability. You must generally be in good health without any severe illnesses. Once you apply for your CAT D license, you will need to undergo a thorough medical examination in order to be pronounced fit to drive. We highly recommend that you take care of your health prior and during your position as a bus driver.


You will need to hold a valid CAT B driver’s license on you in order to apply for a CAT D license. You will also need to own a certificate of professional competence (CPC) to go further.

Rates and funding

Our PCV bus driver training starts from minimal and affordable rates. We do not charge for the things that we don’t provide. In other words, there are no hidden charges involved. We are also offering our students a 0% interest rate funding option with which they can train now and pay later.

Do you know that you can make up to £30,000 per annum with your bus driver job?

The average income of a bus driver initially is £30,000 per annum which increases with their time in the industry. Hundreds of bus driver jobs in London and across UK are posted daily to meet the shortage that the companies are facing during the current times.

PCV Bus Driver Training